Mooltilang is a WordPress plugin that I develop as part of my graduation project. In the core it allows WordPress websites to be multilingual. It uses custom database tables to keep track of relations between objects (posts, pages, taxonomies, media, etc.). Relations are then shown to visitors in the shape of a language switch, which can be displayed both in menus as well as above or below posts.

This project consisted of:

  • diving into the existing solutions;
  • comparing the existing solutions to the company's requirements;
  • determining the insufficiency of the existing solutions;
  • developing a sufficient solution.

At the end of my research I realized that the problem I was trying to solve was much bigger than I initially expected, which made me decide together with the company that it would be better to aim for setting a solid foundation for further development, instead of a finalized product.

This project was done on behalf of Van Ons and is currently under active development.

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